How to Succeed

Log-In Often: Log-in and participate a minimum of 3x each week. Failure to participate for 10 days in a row will result in a WA.

Come Ready to Learn and Talk About Things they are Learning: There are no formal class meetings. Each member of our community is responsible for contributing to the information we will learn together. Each member must actively engage with the material, ask questions and present new insights and information gained during our time together.

Utilize Course Management Tools: Several tools will be provided to add structure to enhance our learning environment.

Actively Engage in the Course: Students will be required to post and reply to each other throughout this course in workshops, in discussion boards, and on Twitter. These group assignments will give students an opportunity to collaborate with community members. Collaboration and creation of a community is key.

Complete Assignments on Time: Do NOT Procrastinate. Assignment deadlines are clearly posted and will be strictly respected. You will be given some autonomy to complete assignments at you own pace. Plan accordingly. Do not save these for the last week of the module.

Expect Similar Academic Rigor as a Face to Face Class: Online does not = EASY. The same material is covered in face to face classes. The major difference is the student is responsible for engaging themselves with the material and their classmates.

RESPECT and Share: In order for everyone to learn, students must feel free to share thoughts and ideas in a non- threatening environment. Much of this class requires personal reflection and application. Read and benefit from community member’s comments. Respect the views of others. Agree and disagree respectfully.

Course Timeline

This course will be designed in modules. Each module will open on Friday at midnight and all assignment due dates will be listed on the calendar link on OAKS. You are encouraged to log-in to the course, check the announcements, participate on the discussion boards, check the calendar, and review assignments at least 3 times per week. You should expect to spend the same amount of time preparing for and participating in this course as you would if we met face to face (approximately 5 hours per week).

Technology Issues

If you have problems related to the course, please contact me immediately. If you have technical problems, please contact the Student Computing Support Desk at 843.953.5457 or email Check for computing downloads and tutorials at blogs.cofc/scs/.

Resolve problems promptly. Computer failure/unavailability does not constitute an excuse for not completing assignments by the due date.