How We Will Write to Each Other

Our primary modes of communication come in three channels: feedback on discussion boards posts, feedback on writing projects, and via email. So that we can both be effective in these spaces, I have some guidelines.

OAKS Discussion Board—To help explore ideas presented in the course readings, you will write and publish posts to the discussion board. All of these short-form assignments are prompted; see the course calendar.

To engage the material in these ways, you’ll need to write at least 100 words: about 4-5 sentences. If your post doesn’t meet the minimum criteria for length or engage with the material as outlined above, I will not accept it.

Blog: In addressing these prompts, I am looking for three ways of engaging the material. **Note: These criteria are adapted from Nathaniel Rivers’ and Kathleen Blake Yancey’s thinking about what blogs should do.

  1. a focused response on the reading and its elements
  2. connections that relate your response to recent discussions, your current coursework, something you might have read elsewhere [as long as you help others see the relevance]
  3. commentary rather than summary to make particular aspects of the reading concrete through specific connections to your own experiences and previous readings

Share: Provide an example relevant to concepts in the course. These require you to locate and briefly analyze an example text.

Project-Based: Short posts relevant to one of your major projects. These posts are designed to help you plan projects. These posts are involve giving and receiving feedback on your writing in-process.

Feedback on Writing Projects—You will receive feedback from me and from your peers on each of your major projects while in-process. Additionally, you then have the option of submitting a revision after you’ve received a grade using the feedback you have received from me and your peers. I will replace your previous grade with a new grade only if your project has improved.

Email—As a rule, email is my preferred way of communicating with students. That said, I will use email frequently to send announcements, to give reminders, and to touch base about your work. If you have a question, I’ll answer it via email. I respond to emails within 24 hours during the week and within 36 hours on the weekend.

Google Hangout/Chat—During posted office hours, I will keep my Google Hangout and Chat open. You also have the option of coming by my office.